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July 16, 2019

Well, sadly, it’s been just about a year since we’ve blogged. Like every school year, this past year has brought its share of challenges and triumphs. In a lot of ways, it has been like a runaway train, and we just haven’t been able to carve out the time for meaningful blogging. But, we have missed the chance to reflect, connect, and share and are hoping to get back on track!

This past year, I (David) have been wearing many hats! A classroom highlight was working with my students to create a podcast called “Leaders Who are Readers.” Students composed their own introductory music for each episode and then recorded themselves reading children's books. The plan is to create a series of read-alouds to share with elementary students in our district. It was a fun project! Beyond the classroom, I conducte...

September 8, 2018

As the new school year begins across the country, students and staff are eager, excited, and ready to hit the ground running. Teachers are full of energy and are ready to impart the wisdom they have in their specific content to their new students. Students are ready to start a new chapter in life, growing in so many different ways throughout the year. At my school we kicked off our opening day for students with the 8th graders clapping and cheering in the new 5th graders as they walked down the red carpet and into the middle school for the first time. It is an awesome tradition and an amazing experience to be a part of. This year we also started the day with a school wide assembly filled with games, singing, laughter, dance competitions, and the reveal of our theme and community service platform f...

August 3, 2018

Before becoming an administrator, I admittedly used to wonder what work principals really had to do all summer. I quickly learned that there is still much to accomplish and still never enough hours in a day. Summer is also a time when I am able to reflect, recharge, and regain the energy and enthusiasm I need for the school year. However, the biggest challenge I face in the summer is the emptiness of the building! I love my job because of the people I get to work with everyday, and particularly the kids. They are truly my “why!”

Each summer, I try to be intentional in finding ways to stay connected to kids, even in the months when the classrooms are dark and the hallways are quiet. Here are three easy ways I have found to be successful and honestly, fun!

Seek Their Input

I strive to be a collaborativ...

July 15, 2018

This past week we ventured out on our first #EduBros trip together and headed down to Orlando, Florida. We rented a 400-square-foot tiny house, spent two days at the “Happiest Place on Earth” (Disney World!) and attended the National Association of Elementary School Principals conference for the first time. It was truly the perfect blend of fun and learning and although we left feeling refreshed and energized, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the new ideas gained from what we learned.

One of the unique aspects of our current dynamic is that we bring two different perspectives, since I (Steven) am a current administrator and I (David) am an aspiring administrator, currently working as a music teacher with additional leadership responsibilities. In reflecting on our recent trip and what we are t...

June 14, 2018

This past week since the school year officially ended has been like one long exhale, as things come to a close and settle. Reflection is such an essential part of learning and yet something that I think many of us in education find it difficult to make the time for in meaningful ways. At our last day of school chapel assembly last week, our director of spiritual life shared the myriad of things she had learned throughout the year. It was a beautiful example of reflection and has caused me to pause and consider my own learning over the past year.

This year our staff completed two book studies together for the first time; I attended several conferences; Todd Nesloney came and presented a full day of learning for our faculty and staff; and I devoured several professional books on my own. Each of these...

We apologize for the slight hiatus we have been on with our blog; the usual school and family related responsibilities have gotten the best of us. But...we thought this was the perfect week to jump back in - Teacher Appreciation Week! We may be a little biased, but teachers are the true superheroes of our world! So right off the bat, we want to say THANK YOU to all the educators making a lasting impact in the lives of the students they serve each day!

While we were both blessed to have many amazing teachers throughout our own educational journeys, we can each recall stand-out teachers who went above and beyond to inspire us. Different teachers connect with students in different ways. As we discussed the impact of some of our favorite teachers, we noticed several common themes.

Great Teachers Motivat...

February 21, 2018

When we decided to launch The Education Brothers blog together, family played a big role in our vision. We both believe that a strong, supportive school culture with a "family-feel" is ultimately in the best interest of student success. Our hope was and is that our blog can encourage that mindset.

We also recognize the role that our own family has played in our professional growth.  As brothers, we often dialogue about the challenges we face and brainstorm solutions together.  But deeper still, is the impact our family has had on shaping us into the educators we are today. You see, education truly runs in our family. For at least three generations, members of our family have served in education in a variety of roles. Growing up, we had a front row seat to the ups and downs, the late night activitie...

February 8, 2018

Recently, I had a colleague ask me a question that really made me think. They said, “If I was to tell someone go visit David’s school because ________, what would you want me to say?”

That made me stop and think: what stands out about my school and my classroom? As I have read many mission statements and contemplated my own philosophy of leadership, I have come to firmly believe that we must focus education on the development of the whole child.  Social and emotional learning must be combined with strong academics. So how do you balance student development in all of these areas? You need to immerse them in all avenues, each and every day.

For me, I think you need to foster the social and emotional components (the climate and culture of your classroom or school) first. You need to grab the students’...

December 29, 2017

As educators, it always seems more natural to celebrate a new year in September as opposed to January, when the rest of the world makes resolutions and shares hopes and dreams for a fresh start.  Even still, like most others, we can both reflect and say that 2017 brought its fair share of both challenges and triumphs.

Recently, we came across this TV commercial from Mass Mutual.  It is a beautiful reminder that a positive outlook can make all the difference:

Education, at every level and in every school, is certainly laden with challenges.  As we enter 2018 and the second half of this school year, we hope that you will join us in maintaining the perspective presented in that TV commercial.

  • Let’s focus on the successes.

  • Let’s empathize more with one another.

  • Let’s look for similarities m...

December 11, 2017

Like every educator at this time of year, I’m tired.  December is a fury of trips, concerts, special events, incentives, and an energy that is impossible to fully capture.  It’s fun, but it can also be draining.

This past week, I received an unexpected pick-me-up from the fifth graders at my school, who wrote me letters as part of a guidance lesson on gratitude.  The letters were incredibly meaningful and encouraging.  It was the exact boost I needed in this very hectic season.

As I read through the stack several times, I was reminded of some simple truths about kids; things that I believe we all need to remember now, in the midst of the craziness, and as we transition back to school in the new year.  I’m choosing to allow these reminders to be my “why,” especially in the next two weeks, a...

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August 3, 2018

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