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September 8, 2018

As the new school year begins across the country, students and staff are eager, excited, and ready to hit the ground running. Teachers are full of energy and are ready to impart the wisdom they have in their specific content to their new students. Students are ready to start a new chapter in life, growing in so many different ways throughout the year. At my school we kicked off our opening day for students with the 8th graders clapping and cheering in the new 5th graders as they walked down the red carpet and into the middle school for the first time. It is an awesome tradition and an amazing experience to be a part of. This year we also started the day with a school wide assembly filled with games, singing, laughter, dance competitions, and the reveal of our theme and community service platform f...

February 8, 2018

Recently, I had a colleague ask me a question that really made me think. They said, “If I was to tell someone go visit David’s school because ________, what would you want me to say?”

That made me stop and think: what stands out about my school and my classroom? As I have read many mission statements and contemplated my own philosophy of leadership, I have come to firmly believe that we must focus education on the development of the whole child.  Social and emotional learning must be combined with strong academics. So how do you balance student development in all of these areas? You need to immerse them in all avenues, each and every day.

For me, I think you need to foster the social and emotional components (the climate and culture of your classroom or school) first. You need to grab the students’...

October 8, 2017

As I (David) am sitting down to write this post, there are so many other things that I could (and maybe should!) be doing. Finding the time to balance all of life’s responsibilities is a challenge that transcends all professions and life-stages.  For me, I make a constant effort to balance work and family, so that I can find success in every avenue. With two little ones at home (Emma is almost 3 and Matthew is almost 3 months) life is crazy!  Just the other day, someone asked me, “How do you have time to do everything? You work full time, I see you outside playing with your kids, I know you like to cook, you started a blog with your brother that's really awesome (I promise, he said that!) and I know you have other things going on.” His question made me pause and really consider how everything does...

August 11, 2017

Every year I get excited about school starting again. As a music teacher, I am privileged to teach EVERY STUDENT that attends my school!  Because I don't just have just 25 students in my class, I have to really work at getting to know each student.  Two keys to a positive climate in your classroom and school are positive relationships and appreciation.

Growing up, I was always lucky to be surrounded by good educators. Both my parents were public school teachers, my uncle was an assistant principal, and my grandfather served on Board of Education of his hometown. However, my 5th grade teacher, Ms. C, stands out as the one who truly inspired me to learn. In her classroom, I learned academically, socially, and emotionally each and every day. Ms. C made time for me and that made me feel loved and...

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August 3, 2018

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