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A New Venture

Welcome to our new blog! We are really excited about this new collaborative venture, which we have been discussing on and off for the past year. I (David) have done some blogging on my own in the past. I (Steven) have always been resistant to start a blog, as I wanted to be sure it had real purpose and wasn’t just because it was the “trendy” thing to do.

Growing up with five years between us meant that we were always in different “phases” of life. However, as we have both established our roots in education and a shared passion for innovative teaching and leadership has evolved, we have grown closer as brothers, professionals, and friends. The idea of a purposeful blog, in which we can share varying perspectives, ideas, and experiences began to evolve and has ultimately led us here. Many of our posts will be co-written, some will be written by us each individually, and we’re hoping some will include guest writers from our PLN (personal/professional learning network).

Ultimately, our main goal for this website and blog is for our own continued professional growth and learning. I (Steven) believe that intentional and structured reflection is an essential component to lasting learning, and hope that writing will provide us an outlet to do so. We also hope that our blog will serve to help advance the learning of others. We have both experienced the power of social media connections for our own teaching and leadership development, and hope to add a worthwhile voice to that ever-growing online conversation. We also recognize that we can contribute a unique perspective, as a teacher and an administrator, sharing and learning side by side.

Finally, we hope to convey our strong belief in the power of relationships in education. As George Couros ( says, “the three most important words in education are relationships, relationships, relationships.” We believe that when staff and students are respected, uplifted, and encouraged it fosters a family-like environment in which all individuals can thrive!

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