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Stop & Thank

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, we thought we would embrace the cliche and share a few things we have to be thankful for!

At the core of our vision for this Education Brothers blog is the importance of the role of family. First and foremost we (Steven & David) are both extremely thankful for our parents. Being former teachers themselves, our parents have instilled in us many qualities and characteristics that have molded us into the people and educators we are today. Without their continued guidance, love, and support, we wouldn't be where we are today. While our parents are no longer teachers in a school, they still continue to teach us every day. Of course I (David) have to express my thanks to my wife and my two kids for their continued support. Whether it's coming to one of my concerts, proofreading a paper, or supporting me when I am traveling to a conference, I know that they are always on my side. Despite the the many hours I spend away from home, my wife always loves and supports me in everything I do. Having that rock is more important than she will ever know and knowing that my children are right alongside her makes life even better!

And, of course, we are thankful for one another! Whether through constant texts, phone calls, Facetime, and even the occasional silly Dubsmash video, we aim to keep one another focused on the positives, motivated, and forward-thinking. We are currently planning to attend our first national conference together this summer (National Association of Elementary School Principals) and can’t wait to both learn and have fun together as brothers, learners, and friends!

We strongly believe that educators deserve support-systems that feel like family in order to allow them to thrive. I (David) am so thankful for my mentors, colleagues, and friends that have helped me grow as a person, an educator, a husband, and a father. This year has already been busy with the launch of The Education Brothers, a new position within my district, being selected by my colleagues to represent them as the union leader, finishing my Masters +30 courses, the birth of my son, and so much more.

I (Steven) continue to be incredibly blessed by the outstanding staff at my school. During my recent trip to Harvard, I was overwhelmed with texts of prayers and encouragement during my time away, and notes and gifts of support when I returned to school. Additionally, they exemplify a commitment to pursuing excellence every single day, and never once roll their eyes at my latest crazy idea. I am also unbelievably thankful for the educators I am privileged to connect with via social media. I am a better leader and educator because of the ideas I glean from across the country and the connections I have made with others who challenge and expand my thinking.

Finally, we are both thankful for the students we get to interact with every single day! Kids are the reason we both went into education and continue to be at the core of the work we do each day. On mornings when coffee doesn’t seem to be having the kickstart effect I (Steven) hope for, a smile or hug from one of my students always manages to do the trick. Kids are incredibly vivacious, creative, and many are so quick to love. Those who seem harder to reach teach us even greater lessons - the value of listening, the importance of showing empathy, the necessity of following through on promises and giving time for trust to be built, and how precious the moments we have to interact with kids each day truly are. We are both thankful for the way students influence and teach us every single day.

We hope that this Thanksgiving, you, too, will take time to stop and simply say THANK YOU to those around you. Happy Thanksgiving!

- Steven & David

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