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Keep Standing Together.

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As educators, it always seems more natural to celebrate a new year in September as opposed to January, when the rest of the world makes resolutions and shares hopes and dreams for a fresh start. Even still, like most others, we can both reflect and say that 2017 brought its fair share of both challenges and triumphs.

Recently, we came across this TV commercial from Mass Mutual. It is a beautiful reminder that a positive outlook can make all the difference:

Education, at every level and in every school, is certainly laden with challenges. As we enter 2018 and the second half of this school year, we hope that you will join us in maintaining the perspective presented in that TV commercial.

  • Let’s focus on the successes.

  • Let’s empathize more with one another.

  • Let’s look for similarities more than differences.

  • Let’s celebrate even the smallest victories.

  • Let’s smile more.

  • Let’s complain less.

  • Let’s give more credit than we take.

  • Let’s voice our appreciation more often.

  • Let’s continue to be champions for all kids.

  • Let’s keep standing together, supporting one another, making our voices heard, and creating the very best schools - and world - for the kids in our lives!

Keep doing the hard work! Thank you for joining us in this journey. Happy New Year to you!

- Steven & David Lamkin

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