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Education Runs in Our Family: A Blog Series

When we decided to launch The Education Brothers blog together, family played a big role in our vision. We both believe that a strong, supportive school culture with a "family-feel" is ultimately in the best interest of student success. Our hope was and is that our blog can encourage that mindset.

We also recognize the role that our own family has played in our professional growth. As brothers, we often dialogue about the challenges we face and brainstorm solutions together. But deeper still, is the impact our family has had on shaping us into the educators we are today. You see, education truly runs in our family. For at least three generations, members of our family have served in education in a variety of roles. Growing up, we had a front row seat to the ups and downs, the late night activities, the hours of weekend lesson planning, the extra tutoring and private lessons, and the overall heart of servanthood it takes to be effective in education. Now, as adults, we can both look back and see how the commitment to excellence that was demonstrated by our family members played a role in the development of our own core beliefs related to teaching, learning, and leading.

Over the next four weeks, we are going to be sitting down with and interviewing some very special people in our lives, and crafting blog posts that share a bit of their stories. We are excited about this opportunity personally, and for the chance to share some of the wisdom that has shaped us with others in our professional learning network and beyond. In the weeks ahead, you can look to hear from: our Mom, a retired early childhood teacher with almost 40 years of both public and private school teaching experience; our Dad, a retired band director with over 35 years of public school experience; our 95-year old Mom-Mom, with the unique perspective of years as a school secretary; and David’s wife, Kristen, a former special education teacher who is now a full-time mom, private tutor, SAT tutor, and special education consultant.

Our hope is that their insights and experiences will inspire you in the same way that they have encouraged and shaped us! Stay tuned!

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